The Blue Light | Periodontics and Dental Teeth Implants

At National Periodontics, we provide dental teeth implants and holistic dental services from numerous locations around Australia. We take great pride in providing a premium service, one that makes the best use of the most modern technology available.

But the pace of this technology means that, for the curious, there are innumerable questions to be answered while sitting in the chair. The dentist’s office today looks nothing like it did twenty years ago, and our procedures are become aided by such advancements as titanium screws, 3D printers, and advanced local anaesthetics. These come together to provide a faster, more efficient service, one that can ensure your time in the chair is shorter, and your procedures are better-lasting, and tougher.

One of the many advancements that you may have taken note of comes in the shape of a blue light. These are found in most offices today, and their purpose is related to the rise of the resin-based implants that now dominate the profession.

Far from the shiny mercury amalgam of yesteryear, most fillings today are constructed of resin-based materials. When heated, this resin is malleable enough to be placed and shaped by your dentist, but once cured, it is tough enough to be used almost anywhere. The curing action is the role of the blue light.

This blue light is able to cure the soft resin in situ, ensuring that the filling is ready for use almost immediately. Typically, it only takes 20 to 60 seconds of shining the light to cure the resin. Formerly, when using halogen bulbs, the dentist had to be careful not to overheat the surrounding, as high heat could both hurt the patient, and injure the soft tissue and tooth pulp. Today, the modern LED lights do not pose this threat.

A vital part of any cavity filling exercise, the blue light allows you to the leave your dentist’s chair with a filling that is ready for action. At National Periodontics, we provide fillings, cleanings, specialised advice, and dental teeth implants for patients around Australia. Contact us today and find out more.