Laser Surgery

The latest in periodontal therapy

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ Laser

A recent development in periodontal therapy is the Periolase® MVP-7™laser with the LANAP protocol. This laser therapy works by targeting only the infected gum and has the ability to distinguish between infected and healthy gum. The infected or diseased gums are darker than healthy gums and the laser has the capacity to induce the healthy gum tissue to heal to the teeth and bone. It enhances healing by the repairing the underlying connective tissue to the tooth. This means that in many cases the deep pockets can reduce in depth and attach to the neck of the tooth in a firmer fashion. This makes it harder for bacteria to become trapped and thereby reduces the chance of gum disease returning.

Because of the laser’s ability to target and remove only diseased tissue, the periodontist is able to help restore your dental health with little or no post-operative pain and fewer side effects (less tooth sensitivity) than traditional surgery. This laser treatment is heavily reliant on you maintaining a good oral home care program.

Benefits and risks of laser treatment

The benefits of laser treatment far outweigh the risks of not seeking treatment due to fear of surgery. The benefits include:

  • Preservation of gum tissue that may be lost with traditional surgery (prevents that “long in the tooth” look)
  • Provides protection against developing sensitive teeth and receding gums
  • Creates a healthier environment around the teeth for the body to heal itself
  • Reduces inflammation and infection that can cause pain to the gums, teeth and bone
  • Virtually pain-free treatment with no scalpel and no sutures
  • Safe treatment for patients with conditions such as haemophilia, HIV and diabetes, or on medications such as Dilantin
  • There is minimal or no discomfort after the procedure with a quicker recovery period
  • Treatment is normally given over two appointments within a 2-4 week period with follow-up appointments to check healing progress

Implications associated with laser treatment:

  • No physical risk to the patient
  • The complete mouth is treated in this procedure, as recommended by the researchers and developers of the laser (it is not recommended to treat only a few teeth).
  • Not all periodontists can use laser technology. In order to use the laser and the protocols, the periodontist must undertake extensive training and accreditation to learn the technology for the specific procedures both according to health and safety guidelines and to maintain the equipment in a proper working order.

The PerioLase MVP-7 laser procedures have been tested with positive outcomes and are approved for use in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Only qualified professionals are licensed to provide LANAP as a treatment option and Dr Drouganis is fully accredited to use this protocol. He is one of the first periodontists in Australia accredited to use the PerioLase® MVP-7™ and the first to use it in South Australia.