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We’re committed to providing you with the best dental health care

Dr Drouganis is our principle periodontist with over 3 decades experience. He started his career as a general dentist and has worked as a Specialist Periodontist since 2000.

Dr Drouganis holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Adelaide University and has published papers in national and international journals on periodontics.

Our Practice

Three locations across South Australia

National Periodontics is one of Australia’s premier private specialist periodontal practices dedicated to the specialist treatment of periodontal disease (gum disease) and the placement of dental implants. We have seven convenient locations across Australia where our leading periodontal specialist and his team offer a wide range of periodontal treatments using cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to provide you with excellent periodontal and implant care in a comfortable, caring and friendly environment.

At National Periodontics we treat both self-referred and dentist referred patients and look forward to working with you to provide the best possible level of specialist periodontal care.

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