Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the trustee of the Lamvas Trust (ABN 24 409 739 685) and the trustee of the Lamvas 2 Trust (ABN 65 789 977 155) trading as National Periodontics (“National Periodontics”). The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any individual who provides information to National Periodontics is protected according to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (“Privacy Act”).

Protecting your privacy

We seek to protect and maintain the privacy, accuracy and security of your personal information (including health information). We will comply with the Australian Privacy Principles (“APPs”) in the Privacy Act. Words defined in the Privacy Act have the same meaning when used in this policy.

Collection of Information

We may collect personal information about you such as:

  • Your name, current address, previous address details;
  • Employment details;
  • Date of birth and gender;
  • Email addresses and telephone and or mobile numbers;
  • Employment details and history; and
  • Health information.

Health information includes a wide range of information collected by us during the course of providing care and treatment such as:

  • Medical information;
  • Notes and opinions prepared by us about your health; and
  • Information about physical or biological samples, where they can be linked to you name or other identifier.

Health information may be held by us in a number of forms, for example paper, electronic, visual including x-rays, CT scans, videos and photos and audio records. This privacy policy applies to your health information regardless of how it is held.

We collect information about your accounts and transactions with us. We may also collect information when you use our website. Please refer to the website section of this policy for further details.

If there is another person named in any correspondence, for example your partner or your child, you may need to provide their personal information and you warrant that the other person has consented to the collection of their personal information for the reasons it is being collected.

If you do not provide personal information

The main consequence for you, if some or all of the above personal information is not collected by us is that we may not be able to provide goods or services to you, or be able to provide them to the same standard as if we had the information requested.

How we collect personal information

We collect personal information in a variety of ways. Mainly we collect information from you when you knowingly provide it to us by telephone, by email, in person or in documentation. We also collect information when you make a request or enquiry of us.

Why we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information

We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information about individuals when it is necessary for us to carry on our business functions or to comply with laws.

We may collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information to provide treatment, answer your enquiry or to provide the information or service that you requested.

We may also collect, hold, use or disclose your personal information:

  • To enable us to develop, administer and manage our services and business;
  • To customise service to better meet your needs and preferences;
  • For billing purposes and collection of debts;
  • Statistical purposes;
  • Future promotional and marketing purposes including direct marketing;
  • To deal with complaints;
  • To enforce our rights when you are in breach; and
  • When authorised or required by law.

Direct Marketing

National Periodontics may send you marketing material. You may choose to “opt-out” of receiving this material by contacting us using the details below. National Periodontics will not charge you any additional cost or in any way disadvantage you for choosing to “opt-out” of receiving marketing material.

When we may disclose your personal information to third parties: In the course of conducting our business we may provide your personal information to:

  • Other health service providers;
  • Our professional advisers, including our lawyers, auditors and accountants.

We may disclose your personal information to third parties:

  • To meet the purpose for which it was submitted;
  • If we have your consent to do so or otherwise when we are authorised by law;
  • If we are required by law to disclose the information.

Overseas Recipients

We will not disclose personal information about you to overseas recipients.



All personal information held by us will be handled and stored in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act.

We take reasonable steps to:

  • Make sure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete and up to date;
  • Protect the information from misuse, interference, loss or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure both physically and through security methods; and
  • Destroy or permanently de-identify the information if it is no longer needed for any purpose.


When you visit our website, we or agencies on our behalf and our internet service provider may monitor and take a record of your visit and log “clickstream data” for statistical purposes such as your server’s IP address.

This privacy policy is strictly limited to the collection, storage and use of personally identifiable information collected from our clients, in the course of business, and does not apply to any third parties. We have no control over the privacy practices or the content of any third party websites, and assume no liability for the privacy practices of these websites.

Any links on the National Periodontics site to external entities are not covered within this policy. The terms and conditions set out in this privacy statement only cover the domain name of:

Employee Records

The provisions of the Privacy Act do not affect the handling of our employee’s information, when it is used for employment purposes and is an employee record.

If employee records are used for a purpose other than in association with an employee’s employment, then this policy will apply. Please note however, National Periodontics will not use employee records for other purposes than those associated with employment.


Personal information collected from employment applications made to National Periodontics will only be used for the purpose of hiring new employees. Your employment application will be stored by us on file for the duration that they are relevant to hiring new employees and then destroyed. This information will not be disclosed to third parties.

How to Asscess and Amend Personal Information

At your request we will provide details of the personal information we hold about you. The release of information is subject to some exceptions such as information relating to existing or any anticipated legal proceeding, together with exceptions provided by the Privacy Act.

Unless unusual circumstances apply, we should provide access to you within 30 days of the request.

We reserve the right to charge a fee for providing access to your information when permitted by law.

To protect your personal information, the request to us must be in writing and can be sent by letter or facsimile or email. All correspondence should be addressed to:

Attention: Practice Manager
National Periodontics
80 North Terrace
Kent Town SA 5067

Fax: (08) 8363 3744

Our objective is to respond to any request within a reasonable timeframe.

We also aim to ensure that your personal information is accurate, up to date and complete. Amendment of personal information will be conducted upon written or verbal request from you. You can contact us on (08) 8363 3700 or write to the Practice Manager to do this.


We are committed to the protection of your privacy and personal information. Complaints you may have about your personal information can be lodged with us by using the contact details above.

We will attempt to resolve any complaints within 10 working days. If resolution is not possible within this timeframe we will contact you to discuss the matter further.

You also have the right under the Privacy Act to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner.

Changes to this policy

This policy is subject to change over time without prior notice. We may amend this policy by updating this posting.

Copies of this policy

You can ask us to provide you with a copy of this policy, including a hard copy, by contacting us using the details above.