The Dangers of Stress: Receding Gums Treatment and Periodontics

The WHO has termed it the biggest health issue of the 21st century, but even this could be downplaying the numerous impacts that stress has upon our physiology. Studies have turned up a huge number of negative health impacts as the result of being stressed, and our teeth and gums have not escaped.

Today, we are more stressed than ever before. The increased pace of modern life, and the pressure to succeed, has been compounded by the ability of instant connectivity to keep us constantly online and in touch. We seldom, if ever, are divorced from our smartphones, and this means we are always on, always tense, inescapably tied to our work, our friends, and our obligations.

And as a result, the study of periodontics, and receding gums treatment specialists, have taken note of a serious issue at play with our teeth and gums. Those of us who battle stress have been presenting with numerous cases of ANUG, an acronym for Acute Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivitis.

This disease is the result of our body reacting to stress. In those cases, it produces a higher level of the hormone cortisol, which battles inflammation. However, it also suppresses our immune system, and ANUG can often be the result. This ailment results in areas of your gums dying in situ – necrosing while in your mouth, and falling off. Painful, it also results in bad breath, and receding gums treatments are often needed in its wake.

Periodontics has treatment methods for this ailment, but it is far easier to tackle the problem at its source. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep, and that you are taking some time to yourself each day – perhaps through some deep breathing exercises, or exercise. It can save you a world of trouble.