Red Wine Research and Gum Disease Treatments for Adelaide

Already highly touted for its health impacts, red wine drinkers seldom need much more impetus to pour themselves a glass of the good stuff. It is a nightly ritual, and especially in some areas of southern Europe, no dinner table is complete without a bottle of table wine.

The antioxidants in red wine are one of the reasons for its ability to aid in our overall health. Antioxidants remove free radicals in our bodies, and by so doing, help to keep our brains young, our hearts healthy, and improve our cholesterol levels. Not a bad list of achievements for a drink. And now, it appears that it has added to its list of positives. Red wine has the potential to aid gum disease treatments in Adelaide, and around the country.

Researchers have lately applied the very same antioxidants within red wine, known as caffeic and p-coumaric acid, to research on oral health. When used within the conditions found within a human mouth, it was found that they were able to fend off a number of pathogenic bacteria, the building block behind the creation of plaque, which can easily lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

While it would seem that imbibing could be the key to good health, the researchers were quick to point out that the concentration of antioxidants used in this study far exceeded that found within even the heaviest of reds, and they further cautioned that the acidic nature of red wine – along with the knock-on poor impact of heavy drinking – is unlikely to provide much in the way of benefit. Rather, the continued research in to these substances could potentially lead to preventative medicines over time.

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