Dental Implants for Australia

Teeth Implants in Australia

Replacing lost or broken teeth is one of the most important procedures in dentistry. A gap in your smile comes with a variety of issues, and none are more important than helping someone who becomes self-conscious about their appearance, and hides their smile, when a gap appears in their teeth.

Missing teeth also create difficulties in chewing, leading some patients to chew primarily on one side, creating muscle and wear imbalances. They can cause the jawbone to wear down, as the departed tooth leaves a pocket. And your other teeth can shift out of position, as their neighbour departs. In short, it is a problem that is worth solving.

National Periodontics provides dental implants across Australia, offering teeth that are more than just replacements for those departed. This modern procedure, and the materials in use by our modern practices, comes with a host of advantages. Titanium screws are inserted in to the jawbone, on to which your new, synthetic tooth is mounted. These teeth are impervious to both breakage and decay, and will last as long as you do.

Regain your smile with Australia’s dental and teeth implant experts at National Periodontics. Contact us today to get started.