Bleeding Gums Treatment

Treatment for bleeding gums from National Periodontics

As specialised periodontists, we take focus directly on the health of the gums of our patients. As a separate discipline within the dentistry practice, periodontists are subject to different training to the typical dentist. In short, we know what to look for in gum disease. And one of the most prevalent problems that we encounter are people complaining of bleeding gums.

Are your gums tender, sore, or constantly bleeding?

Often, these ailments can be indicative of gum problems beneath the surface. The bleeding itself often occurs as a ‘flushing’ mechanism by your body, and your gums will often become tender or will bleed when a periodontal infection begins to impact them.

These infections include periodontitis and gingivitis. These occur when a buildup of plaque has occurred beneath the gumline, creating a bacterial pocket, and inflaming the surrounding gums. The inflamed gums become tender, and turn a brighter shade of red.

There are a number of treatments for your bleeding gums, if caused by gum disease. These include:

At National Periodontics, our surgical procedures are typically performed only after non-invasive treatment has been performed. This is done to improve the health of the affected tissue, and to ensure that the gums are in a position to heal more quickly from the surgical procedure.

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